TILE Web and Mobile Analytics

TILE Analytics provides real-time data analytics to improve operational performance to reduce costs and facilitate mission critical decision-making in core business operations.

TILE Analytics is a flexible and powerful solution for those seeking a unified view of their data. Tile takes Big Data from a variety of different sources and converges them to provide mission-critical dashboards for operational performance. Tile is available as a cloud solution, mobile or on-premise with maximum customisation and with minimum effort, helping users gain critical insight into their operations and make smart decisions as a result. Powerful analytics presents users with an identification of opportunities within an organisation as well as return on investment by making data sources relevant as firms seek to adopt a going digital strategy. By offering best-in-class visualisation capabilities, and with an agnostic approach to data inputs, Tile helps drive the right actions at the right time, reducing operational risks whilst improving operational efficiency and maximising return on investment.

TILE Delivers

  • Native Functionality
  • Instantaneous Performance
  • 100% Offline Functionality for Mobile and Desktop Users
  • Beautiful, Integrated Visualisation


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