A Model Strategy

As a start-up, Draper & Dash know how important Digital Marketing is. Recently we have been growing our presence on multiple social media platforms and providing our expertise on data analytics.

In 1996, Bill Gates said a statement that rings true to date, “Content is King.” This applies to no end with digital marketing. The most influential social media accounts pound out really strong content and have a massive following because of it.

‘Strong content’ is a broad term for strongly targeted designed and industry-standard media. Content ranges anywhere from images, text, blogs, videos and plays on the target audience’s interests. Interests such as analytics and healthcare is what we utilise here at D&D to start the growth process for our own platforms and curate content for those specifically.

Digital marketing strategies struggle when the people behind them lose focus of their target audience, or lower the standard of their content that results in distancing/losing contact with their following. Unfortunately this is very easy to do – digital marketing requires a thorough understanding of both the industry and the platforms being used, as well as the following that the content is being curated for.

A YouTuber called PewDiePie started out with 100 followers, posting consistently for his following and showing a high standard of gameplay for his audience. Starting out in 2010, he stayed true to this ‘schedule’ and continued to grow in his following. Today, he has 45,823,954 million subscribers and is growing daily – simply by posting regular online content to his audience for 6 years.

How can you utilize digital marketing to grow your business? An example of an industry model to use is the RACE model:

  1. Reach: This stage is about relying on SEO and digital analytics tools to build your audience, using software like Google Analytics, SpyFu, Yoast and MOZ.
  2. Act: Using programs such as WordPress, Clicktale, Vimeo, Wistia and Evergage, you can provide and curate content for your audience to further interest them in your company online.
  3. Convert: The way to convert interest from your audience into sales is to provide more content from them to view, which then gives more opportunities you have to implement call-to-actions and marketing ads to increase sales.
  4. Engage: To encourage future sales (and a better word-of-mouth experience for your company), you will need to go through a ‘follow-up’ phase where you make that first-time customer a loyal follower, and programs like MailChimp, Constant Contact and GetResponse help to keep your customers up to date with your brand.

These are the main key points to keep in mind when designed your social media strategy. Remember to build a strong presence and keep your growing audience engaged, and utilise the tools available to maximise your customer retention rates.

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