Natalie Douglas is an award-winning healthcare entrepreneur, CEO, non-executive director and strategic advisor.

As founder and Chairman of Lucidity LLC, Natalie invests in innovative, disruptive and scalable healthcare businesses fuelled by passionate leadership and with strong ethical credentials. With a focus on proactive investing, she provides strategic counsel, operating expertise and sounding board support to founder CEOs and their board of directors.

Natalie has over 25 years in the healthcare sector, starting her career in the pharmaceutical industry at Johnson and Johnson; she then went on to build an international market leading healthcare services company called IDIS and prior to LucidityLLC, Natalie led a major turn-around and business transformation programme at Britain’s largest clinical home care provider, Healthcare at Home.

Natalie is Vice Chairman of US based Global Genes, a lead investor and board director of US based CEEK women’s health, strategic advisor to UK based VITACCESS and strategic advisor and non-executive director at Draper and Dash.

Natalie is based in Princeton, NJ where she lives with her husband and son