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Draper & Dash (D&D) is a Healthcare Data, Insight, Analytics and Improvement company. Since 2013 D&D has demonstrated some key successes in the UK, US and Australian healthcare markets with over 60+ healthcare providers as customers. Our solutions drive actionable insights, powered by superior information assets, which are tuned to each client’s precise requirements. The key differentiation for Draper & Dash is our enterprise wide platform solutions which provide the following USPs:
• Suite of Clinical, Operational and Corporate Quality, Safety and Efficiency (QSE) Analytics Modules
• Time to value, delivering our solution within weeks as opposed to months.
• Improved Outcomes for Patients & Families.
• Cost reduction for the delivery of analytics and Healthcare.

Our advanced healthcare data models, predictive analytics, analytics modules and early stage machine learning all on a single platform. Our healthcare accelerators which deliver time to value within weeks as opposed to months.

Draper & Dash has developed a unique proposition for healthcare organisations in the US, UK and Australia with global scalability. The company’s healthcare data analytics solution has not only been implemented in the largest and most prestigious healthcare systems in the UK, Australia and the US, but has also proven to be successful in multiple healthcare systems globally, our healthcare platform also contains aspects of clinical analytics. The majority of our analytics target operational aspects of a patient’s journey in hospitals and helps our clients to reduce costs and dramatically improve care.