D&D’s Big Data Analytics provides powerful analytics for those seeking a unified view of their Big Data. Data that is openly available is made intelligible by for unique benchmarking tool that enables organisations to compare performance against national figures, peer averages and mandatory targets, across hundreds of quality, safety and efficiency measures. Locally customised data can also be added as a data source to further enrich the output of your benchmarks to see the best or worst indicators. Powerful analytics presents users with an identification of performance in relation to national average, peers and national targets to ensure comparative analytics is done with the right data.

Big Data Analytics uses publicly available open data to reduce clinical and operational variation across healthcare organisations which also support the cost-effective delivery of patient care for better governance and assurance. The platform also allows customers to add new emerging open data as new data items become publicly available.

The Big Data Analytics solution offers indicators for Quality, Safety, Efficiency, Operations, Productivity and Satisfaction to provide insight into the performance of your facility. By Enabling Population Health Provisioning, your facility will be benchmarked and ranked accordingly providing you the right information to predict and prescribe better business outcomes.