Reducing Costs

Old Victorian era hospital building not fit for purpose combined with pressure to modernise pathway
Develop a new care pathway for mental health to reduce pressure on ED and needless use of acute beds


  • We deployed our platform and started to leverage the insights
  • Trained the customer on how to use the platform and ensure platform stickiness
  • Monitored progress and analysed forecast vs actuals of use of acute beds
  • Established ongoing insight support for client to ensure ongoing success
  • D&D solution enabled enhanced and appropriate patient triage
  • D&D solution provided visibility on future bed needs, enabling trust to close old facility (through better utilisation of other sites) while improving care
  • Enabled triaging of patients to admit and patients to send home
  • £5. 5m per year saved

Covid Response

As the Covid pandemic spread across the world, countries looked for proactive ways to prepare
Identify potential impact of Covid and resource requirements to support our clients fight the pandemic


  • Built a Covid platform to model the pandemic evolution at multiple hospital levels (e.g. region, acute, ICU, specialty), allowing for international comparison
  • Further developed the algorithm to allow the client the ability to see the impact national holidays would have on their capacity
  • Established the road map for Covid and Post-Covid response (e.g. backlog/waiting list management)


  • Establish gap between existing capacity and fast growing demand
  • The client was able to plan ahead accordingly to ensure ample care capacity (e.g. stocking supplies, reallocating staff, requisitioning hotel bedrooms etc.)