D&D Pulse

Stand out from your peers with a healthcare solution that allows instant insight and engages clinicians, nurses and managers. Allow us to introduce you to D&D Pulse – designed to ensure maximum engagement across your organisation as well as measurable return on investment.

Created to enable to rapid deployment of D&D solutions, the model incorporates five key stages:

  1. Comprehensive diagnostic and data diagnostic to gather insight and achievable business goals
  2. Deployment of our award winning healthcare applications.
  3. Internal healthcare PR is key to drive change and promote engagement
  4. Analysing data at facility, specialty and clinician level and benchmarking showcases insight.
  5. Clinical and operational engagement, while measuring outcomes enables a substantial return on investment

D&D Pulse can be applied multiple times to address new business challenges as they arise and to achieve continual improvements in performance. By making what was once complex and informatics driven intuitive and business-user driven, the model gives everyone access to the information they need and makes action unavoidable.

Our solutions based delivery model has delivered $26 million return on investment – work with us to improve efficiency and patient care across the board.

D&D Pulse – making it work.