Winter Blues or the antithesis?

As the summer ends and we turn our gaze to winter, it is all too easy in any working environment to bemoan this time of the year with, with coughs, colds and broken bones becoming more the norm with the general winter blues. However, staff at Draper and Dash displays the very antithesis of this behaviour.  They continue to surprise, coming up with new ideas and innovations for the benefit of our clients. The Recent V2 quality, safety and efficiency applications are the brainchild of the team giving new life and insight to the health sector.

Increasingly the team are working directly with organisations and frontline clinical operational and corporate teams, to help clients really understand the value and changes that can be made as a result of analysing the information available at the touch of a button. In a world where finances are always at the fore – the focus on Return on Investment is key to any organisation using scarce resources. In the Health Sector, is it correct to use this Key Performance Indicator?

Inevitably, the answer is yes, but the more complicated and comprehensive approach is to translate wider measures. For example, the organisation who managed to provide financial reporting to the new managerial structure within one day – 6 weeks earlier that it would have done without the aid of the applications we have built. Or the one that used the insight of the mortality tools to identify areas of improvement benefiting the organisation £250k as well as improving patient pathways economy wide.

What makes this approach viable from Draper and Dash is the subject matter expertise in a variety of fields with many years of experience actually delivering on the frontline. With clinical, financial, technical, analytical and operational skills all in house, the appreciation and understanding of the connectivity and synergy of different facets to provide tangible and factual benefit is critical. Giving the clients the confidence to make these connections is proving rewarding for both.

– Sue Barnett