Emphasis on Data Analytics – Obama’s Campaign

I remember stumbling across an article way back in 2014 of how Big Data Analytics played a vital part in Obama campaign.  Election is a sport in itself that involves strategy and execution very similar to any other sport.

A strong analytics team of 100 staff+ were involved in number crunching data entry to measure everything. The motto was “If you did not enter
the data, you didn’t do your work”.

Type of data collected:
1. Facts about the electorate – Understand the electorate at the individual voter level
2. Sentiment analysis – Realtime Feedback analysis of voters after the rally
3. Number of people in favour of Obama to the overall vote count

Agenda was broadly based on three factors:
1. Registration – Encourage voters to register
2. Persuasion
3. Turnout
To tackle the challenges, hiring the right workforce was the key to execution where the individuals views were desperate to create a friction free environment.
The campaign was organised into a Field team who were the face of the campaign to collect realtime sentiment data, the Digital team were responsible for driving the agenda on a digital platform and Communications team to organise delivery of Obamas personal message, interviews and the Finance team to manage the accounts.
One of the results in analysis inclined majorly on the TV adverts being targeted to the wrong audience. This helped the campaign managers to purchase twice the number of TV adverts as the Romney campaign to be aimed at specific demographics to increase and influence voters to favour Obama.

Idea was to be ahead of the game and create a new way of thinking by pure analytics.
This was achieved by reducing every american to a series of numbers, capturing individuality of each voter and
grading them by score. These scores measured the ability of people to change politics.

Obama’s campaign soared thanks to data analytics and audience research. Power to the people!

ps: See how analytics can help understand the current US election by clicking the link below.