Future Technologies

Today’s world is full of mystery, from the phone you carry in your pocket to the computers you use every day. They all have some genius behind them to make them what they are today and this will lead to much more innovative and “out of the box” ideas coming into the future so let us explore the possibilities.

So what will make our future brighter?

Linda A. Winters-Minor, PHD says predictive analytics could be the answer. From a study conducted, an average physician will see many patients each with some unique medical problem that they would have to deal with.

How is a physician meant to know the right treatment for every single patient?

The answer is they won’t be able as no one person is capable of always being right. Because of this Linda has suggested using technology and statistical methods to search through large amounts of data, analyze the data and create an algorithm to predict outcomes for all patients that require treatment.

These statistical methods are called “learning models” because they will be able to change, grow and provide accuracy as each new case is added.

There are two ways these analytics would be different from traditional methods

  • First, these predictions are going to be made for individuals and not for groups to raise accuracy and lower the risk of a problem occurring
  • Second, predicted analytics allows planning for any problems before they develop into something more

The model will work using techniques such as artificial intelligence to create  a prediction profile (using statistical algorithms). The model would then be “deployed” so that a new patient would be diagnosed and can have their own bespoke version of the model made instantly available which the physician could refer to as well as the patient to get a prediction of possible outcomes.

These innovative ideas are what Draper & Dash aspire to achieve in the health industry so that our future can be brighter as well as our partners. For more information on the bright future of data analytics and our software solutions, email