The need for intelligence-led staff models across the NHS


Perhaps not a surprise that the Health Foundation has warned the NHS workforce will not be fit for purpose in the near future because the service is not attracting or retaining enough skilled workers.

From current spend on agency staff to concerns about the long-term problem accessing required skills, NHS staffing remains a top priority. With the additional pressures created by the Brexit vote in 2016, organisations throughout the health service are struggling to determine the best way forward.

While there is a general focus on minimising the cost of staff by driving down the use of agency staff, in line with the government’s demand to find £20 billion in savings, more critical is the quality of patient care and the ability to meet care standards, most notably ensuring 95 per cent of emergency patients are seen, admitted or discharged within four hours.

Accessing skills, recruiting talent and maximising existing resources to both minimise spend and meet standards of care is a hugely complex issue and one that demands in-depth understanding of trends in patient needs and skills availability in both the short and long term, insists, Orlando Agrippa, CEO, Draper & Dash.


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