NHS COVID-19 Impact Assessment Tool (IAT): ICU & Live Demand

Since the very outset of the virus, we have been working around the clock, resolute in developing a way to be able to support patients and providers in this time of crisis. As warnings from both around the world and within our own health service begin to flood the media, what is apparent is that…

Can AI make healthcare more human?

AI has the potential to transform the daily job of a doctor, from streamlining administrative tasks to providing fast and accurate diagnoses of conditions which can mystify humans. By automating these tasks, could AI make medicine more people-centric? In his book Deep Medicine: How Artificial…

Population Health Management: Shaping the care pathway through flow optimisation

Working on the ground with healthcare teams and executives, I’ve seen time and time again the serious impact that factors which are often overlooked in the realm of patient care can have. Beyond the issue of medical optimisation and clinical treatment, patients are often let down by the management…

HTN Comment – Matt Hancock Speech

The integration of technology into health services is something we’re gradually beginning to see more and more of every day, and Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock’s recent speech was an encouraging push to the forefront of the issue of adoption. Every partnership we’ve…


As the CEO of a healthcare flow and transformation company, I am frequently asked almost a trick question by prospects and colleagues. “So you guys can improve flow with your predictive flow solutions?” I always smile and say well I don’t believe that technology on its own can deliver change in…

HTN Feature: Data and analytics supporting the stranded patients challenge

HTN met with Orlando Agrippa, CEO and Richard Parker, COO of Draper & Dash to understand how their technology, the use of data and analytics on historic and live data is now being used by some trusts to identify, understand and review trends and issues that lead to patients becoming stranded in…


In a health system an hour or so from Whitehall, a group of clinicians have been making serious progress on all fronts as it relates to patient outcomes. Earlier this year, I wrote a piece on the power of clinical and software teams working together to deliver these outcomes. Many readers have…


I’m certain that there are countless components that underlie the running of a good hospital. However, as I had the opportunity to discuss in a very spirited conversation with several NHS executives this week, I believe that there are three fundamental elements which provide the foundation for good…


As a company, we have and continue to be committed to improving healthcare access, outcome, improvement and flow for patients through the use of data and advanced solutions. Over the last year, I admit that we have been preoccupied with the development of solutions to address the challenges in…


For the past 2 months I’ve been travelling across the country and working with partners on their strategies for improving patient flow, specifically alleviating provider and system pressures relating to stranded and super stranded patients. I of course have met people who are doing this well and…

Orlando Agrippa Q&A: Using AI to Improve Hospital Management

Healthcare-focused data analytics firm Draper & Dash has deployed its software in over 20 public and private hospitals across the UK, US and Australia. The company’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered analytics platform uses machine learning techniques to predict patient flow and demand for…

Medicines Optimisation – Transforming One of Healthcare’s Biggest Spends

In 2018, 47.6% of hospital spending was on drugs, a higher percentage than ever before and this is growing. With almost half of hospital spend being allocated to medicine, pharma represents the biggest area of expenditure for healthcare across the globe. It’s therefore vital that this spend isn’t…

Healthcare AI pioneer Draper & Dash appoints Natalie Douglas to redefine medicine optimisation

The highly respected healthcare entrepreneur and investor joins the board of a technology company poised to revolutionise medicine optimisation using artificial intelligence and machine learning, as it has already with patient flow.

Welcome Natalie

Healthcare data analytics innovator Draper & Dash announces the appointment of entrepreneur and pharmaceutical industry specialist Natalie Douglas as non-executive director to drive its ambitions to transform how medicines are deployed for the benefit of patients, physicians and hospitals.

A Digital Gathering – Clinicians and the Clinical Outcomes Reporting Systems (CORS)

We are now at the point where it is possible to measure almost every component of the human physiology and many elements of behaviour. But it can and has been increasingly challenging for clinicians to get a tool or the right connectivity into their clinical systems to capture some fundamental data…

The Art of the Possible: The Role of the Private Sector in Supporting RTT Recovery

“The provision of workforce and capacity has become one of the most challenging issues for healthcare. With the National Health Service experiencing one of the worst A&E waiting times in recent years and significant referral to treatment access standards, insourcing has become a really valuable…

Is My Data Right for Predictive Analytics?

For as long I can recall in my years of working in healthcare or technology, there has been one question that has reared its head more than any other.

We are excited to announce that our CEO Orlando Agrippa has made the DataIQ list for 2019.

The DataIQ is the first and only fully-curated power list of the most influential data and analytics practitioners in UK organisations. Since 2014, DataIQ has been tracking the rise of chief data officers, chief analytics officers, data scientists, data governance experts and the leaders of key…

How can artificial intelligence and machine learning radically transform readmissions?

AI continues to offer a huge opportunity for sectors from pharmaceuticals and trials to factories, healthcare and more. Over 40 per cent of companies believe that their current models today will cease to exist in the next five years.

A Clinical Outcomes and Mortality Challenge

Hospital mortality continues to be a serious concern, a subject of much conversation so much so that in 2017, the Learning from Death initiative was implemented across the NHS to systematically review mortality in an effort to ensure providers were learning from the deaths of those in their care…

Using AI and ML to predict staffing and patient demand in A&E departments

Latest figures from January show that A&E waits across the country have reached their worst level since the 4-hour waiting time target was introduced. With only 84.4% of patients being treated or admitted within the 4-hour target, making it drastically lower than the acceptable 95% threshold.

AI & Healthcare – Predicting our way to better patient outcomes

As we accelerate our predictive patient flow and outcomes journey we look towards advancing our technology and the insights our customers get from their data. One of the most spoken about trends in the healthcare industry in the last 5 years is the growing prominence of AI and its potential…

Draper & Dash, AI Healthcare Data and Analytics firm, secures venture funding to support rapid expansion and rollout of its predictive patient flow.

Draper & Dash, the healthcare focused data analytics platform that has changed how hospitals and care providers access, understand and work with patient data, has raised £3m in venture funding from Guinness Funds.

Health Tech Newspaper Feature: Tech trends for 2019

D&D Healthcare Chief Executive Officer, Orlando Agrippa spoke to Health Tech Newspaper to give his views on the tech trends for 2019.

Draper & Dash Healthcare is proud to announce that we have been presented with the HTN Best Use of Data Award and highly commended for Tech Project of the Year for our work with Four Seasons Healthcare.

The Health Tech Awards 2018 celebrate great technology and innovation across health care. This year, Draper & Dash was nominated alongside a number of great healthcare solutions providers such as Carnall Farrar and Navigo for Best Use of Data in healthcare.

Health Europa Feature: The digital challenge, achieving a paperless NHS by 2020

Despite calls for a paperless NHS back in 2013, the service is far from completing its paperless journey. Qlik’s David Bolton sets out how to get there

D&D Healthcare Shortlisted for Three Prestigious HTN Awards

Draper & Dash Healthcare’s Predictive Patient Flow Platform Shortlisted for Three Prestigious awards in Use of Data Machine Learning and Efficiency Savings for hospitals.

HTN Feature D&D Healthcare CEO: Paper Free at the Point of Care

As we edge closer and closer to 2020,  a target for the NHS to be paperless that was set in the recent Five Year Forward View, we spoke with industry expects to find out about the challenges, progress and some of the solutions available to help organisations achieve this target.

D&D Healthcare Chief Executive Officer awarded CEO of the year

Draper and Dash, a leading data analytics firm based in London is today pleased to announce that its Chief Executive Officer, Orlando Agrippa, has been named Software Chief Executive of the Year by CEO Monthly Magazine at their Global Excellence Awards.

D&D CEO Orlando Agrippa backs the healthcare potential

As the Government promises to invest £20.5bn to improve the NHS, who else sees the “healthcare potential?” by Orlando Agrippa, CEO of Draper and Dash

Key challenges facing NHS execs and how analytics can help

In our latest interview we explore some of the key challenges facing NHS executives and how data, predictive analytics and insight can support to better manage patient flow, reduce waiting lists and support a reduction in stranded patients.