Clinical OutcomeReview System

Draper & Dash have worked in partnership with NHS Trusts, to develop and release a Clinical Outcome Review System (CORS) platform in anticipation of the new national mortality mandate. The CORS system encompasses recommendations from the Learning from Death initiative, as well as the most recent Medical Examiner and SJR mandates, in one streamlined and easy to use platform.

The CORS is purposefully designed, as the name suggests, to be an all-encompassing clinical outcomes review platform. The system includes a free built in mortality app, created in line with the new mortality standards, as well as the ability to commission one’s own app, and have access to other free apps created by other Trusts, developed in the aim of promoting shared learning and best practice in managing the mortality review challenge.

When considering the roadmap of the Clinical Outcome Review System, D&D recognise the importance of this system being a viable strategic and economic solution – or in other words, future-proof. The tool aims to implement a standardised methodology for reviewing clinical processes as well as to improve understanding and provide reproducible information in the aim of enhancing patient care and lowering mortality rates.