Data Confidence should be at the forefront of every healthcare organisation’s workings. Ensuring your data reflects your activity in both external and internal reporting is paramount, as incorrectly assuming your reports are faultless can be a risky and costly business. Draper & Dash has a uniquely structured confidence and assurance programme which provides a solution and framework around which to drive the discovery, scoring and management of data quality issues. Knowing where your risks and issues are, as well as who is responsible for dealing with them, is closely linked with recommendations and mitigating actions, designed to drive up your assurance score, and improve your data quality across the board. Monitoring performance going forward means that standards won’t slip and that forecasting improved positions provides the organisation with the impetus to hit targets and reach for higher levels of data assurance.


Our Clinical Outcomes Reporting System (CORS) focuses on improving patient outcomes through integration with clinical teams. The solution starts with learning from deaths, with the introduction of a new role and two new stages of review in the mortality process:

Structure Judgement Reviews
• Medical Examiner Review
• Medical Examiner Role