The D&D Data Science Platform (DSP) is a true healthcare data team’s companion. The platform delivers real time, retrospective reporting and predictions can be made easily accessible to an entire organisation. Nestled between data systems and the DSP interface is an advanced collection of libraries that have been carefully curated for healthcare data by healthcare experts.

The Data Science Platform (DSP) is the bedrock of D&D’s solutions. With both an on-premise and cloud solution tenant. The on-premise solution sits upon SQL Server 2017 architecture, utilising improved performance and the powerful data science capabilities of R studio. This allows for simple population of datasets and instant access to an advanced library of machine learning models, allowing organisations to save on time, resources and be provided with an all-encompassing data management and modelling system in one simple platform.

The models are symbiotic and link together to provide an advanced layer of insight into a patient’s journey through the hospital system and the challenges that arise through patient flow. The models cover the very beginning of a patient’s journey, with an algorithm that will predict the patient’s potential wait time in emergency departments.