D&D’s Readmissions module uses powerful predictive analytics to provide valuable insight into the patients at most risk of readmission. The simplified analytics solution ensures nurses, managers, doctors, primary carers and executives can all access and monitor the relevant KPIs, helping them to proactively reduce patient readmission rates within their organisation.

Using our Emergency Department (ED) module, clinicians can drill down to patient level in order to explore who the presenting patients are and where they are on the pathway. The ED team can see which ED facility is likely to breach, investigate down to individual patient episode level, and take steps to avoid the breach by reallocating senior clinical resources, diagnostics and beds as appropriate.

Our improvement team will utilise the module in order to help reduce unnecessary admissions at the front door and best allocate clinical resources in order to avoid potential breaches. They will work to establish and enact new practices, as well as analytical methodologies, which will be integrated into the hospital team’s standard practice.