Waiting Times - Referral to Treatment (RTT)

Our module presents the current referral to treatment PTL, historical activity, key patients to action and recovery metrics to help showcase exactly where providers are struggling with capacity to meet demand or clear their backlog of patients waiting to be treated. The current PTL as refreshed that morning showcase the distribution of patients by wait band and the backlog volumes and proportion by specialty so users can clearly see which areas have the biggest issues. Key patients to action are a godsend for the booking teams, with one touch triggers jumping to patient detail where cohorts of patients require appts or procedures booked in, and those a few weeks from breaching target.

The entire pathway is broken down into stages to further see where bottlenecks are, be it at first appt, diagnostic, addition to waiting list or awaiting a procedure date. Wait list trends, additions, removals and ROTTs are also highlighted to provide users with insight on how pathways are being managed and any pop-ons or dropins across the stages of the pathway. Clearance times, rates and targets are key to determining if providers have adequate capacity to deal with patients coming through the door. These metrics showcase if the trust has an ongoing problem with demand outstripping capacity, or if short-term additional capacity will help clear the backlog to ensure patient flow heads in the right direction.