Technology in the health service: Business not as usual

Orlando Agrippa, CEO of Draper & Dash writes about why the NHS should work towards digitised management functions and how technology can improve patient outcomes.

The NHS is under unprecedented pressure.

More and more patients need hospital care, whether it’s in an accident and emergency department, seeking cancer treatment, or for planned routine operations, the steady increase is a concern.

The NHS collects and processes an immense amount of data, all of which can be analysed and actioned to improve the experience for patients.

There has been a growing movement and focus on how technology can be used to improve services and ensure patient care is not compromised.

There are benchmarking studies which those in charge at NHS practices can access and can conduct peer-to-peer analysis on their performance. This information is made public, but not necessarily arranged to be intelligent.

While digital platforms are increasingly being brought into the NHS, the service as a whole retains many manual process and so, the question remains, how can technology make a difference?


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