Visualise your healthcare world and provide better outcomes for patients through D&D solutions

Do you need instant insight into the patients you have treated today? Is your organisation’s goal to reduce readmissions? Are you looking to save money and reduce costs?

Whatever your healthcare needs – Draper & Dash has a solution that works for you.

Analysis, forecasts and alerts aid clinicians, nurses, managers and executives to accomplish operational delivery challenges with visibility in a matter of minutes and hours – not days and weeks.

Reduce waiting times, understand clinical variation and identify outliers without waiting for informatics, analysts or ICT to send you a graph or spreadsheet. Your organisation no longer needs months or years of development to provide analytical tools for actionable insight.

Our securely encrypted solutions are available anywhere, anytime and on any device. They are refreshed daily, using near real-time data and are deployed in a matter of days. D&D solutions are deployed in over 40 peer healthcare organisations with 1,000 stakeholders using the apps as part of their daily routine to improve patient care and efficiency.

Use D&D to improve Quality, Safety, Efficiency and ultimately provide better outcomes for patients.