Welcome to 2015

Welcome to 2015, I know, I know it’s a bit late but I felt I had to say it “Welcome to 2015”.

As I write this I reflect on the technological advances we have experienced in our daily lives; from the Nokia 6110, Google search, the explosion of social media and wearable tech. I have seen the tech space literally change the world and in some cases pass me by. Don’t get me wrong I have a smart phone but can I use all the features on it? – I definitely cannot. I often wonder if I would be able to still function with my Nokia 6110 today lol?.

For the past decade I have seen the advances in our daily lives swiftly leave the tech we use at work behind, specifically as it relates to healthcare. There have off course been some good innovations in health over the past decade; however from speaking to many of my colleagues and some of our clients globally I still see many healthcare organisations ignoring the advances which can truly transform the way hospitals work. I reflect on the last two meetings I had where I demonstrated our D&D apps to a number of senior hospital administrators who brought their teams of techies in to kick the tyres on the solution – which was great. However most of the meeting was spent discussing everything except how the solution could change the way the hospital could work and how it could help doctors and patients.

As many of our readers know, D&D was born from our experience in healthcare with the desire to transform the way technology, more specifically analytics, can drive up quality safety and efficiency across hospitals and health economies. Our applications are built to ensure hospitals can have visibility faster, cheaper and at a higher quality but we don’t stop at apps. We have experienced and recognised that the real change in how analytics will be catapulted forward will need to come from the front line. Focusing on the clinical and operational teams at the point of evaluating analytics and other tech is vital – in my opinion. These individuals make up the power base in every hospital and once solutions are built to give them the answers they need, the possibilities become immense for organisations.

As a company we focus on ensuring that the end user and front line staff can use healthcare analytics in the same way as they use the tech they have a home. Making our apps easy to access, intuitive, necessary, secure and transformational is our way of adding fuel to the technological advances in healthcare. With every version release of our solutions we hope to truly help each clients to lead the charge in health analytics. Moving them from the 6110 to the IPhone 6 or from a library to the Google search bar.

Welcome again to 2015 and lets change healthcare

– Orlando Agrippa


Draper & Dash