London 15 September 2020: Predictive Healthcare Data Analytics company Draper & Dash (D&D) has today announced the launch of its new Health Data Science Platform (DSP), after thorough rounds of testing with large healthcare providers.

“Following successful deployments in the UK, Middle East and APAC with acute care, mental health and cancer alliances, we couldn’t be more excited to launch this groundbreaking platform to the market.” The DSP has been delivering incredible value to leadership teams through their informatics healthcare heroes. “We have been intensely focused on supporting our healthcare colleagues with the recovery efforts and to that effect the DSP will be provided with every product install” said Orlando Agrippa, CEO of Draper & Dash

“This is why Draper & Dash has developed this new platform, to provide hospitals and healthcare organisations with an affordable, efficient, data scientist in a box. We genuinely believe it can revolutionise how our healthcare systems plan.”

Orlando Agrippa, CEO

SEHA Abu Dhabi Health System and former Cambridge CEO, Dr Gareth Goodier noted that D&D’s modelling tool (DSP) helped the 18000 staff health system “to effectively double our ICU (intensive care unit) bed capacity in a relatively short period of time.”

What is the Data Science Platform (DSP)?

Innovation and efficiency are at the core of Draper & Dash and the Health DSP is no different. It has one goal, to simplify, speed up and industrialise the highly complex world of machine learning and AI to ensure real time, retrospective reporting and predictions that can be made easily accessible to an entire medical institution at the touch of a button.

D&D’s team of experienced data scientists have developed this new platform, which incorporates several machine-learning powered models to answer some of the most pressing challenges within healthcare and hospital settings at the moment.


The platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with the hospital’s existing source systems or data warehousing, providing a fast and cost-effective way to predict patient demand, readmission risks and avoid waiting list bottlenecks.

The core predictive models within the out of the box DSP include:

  • Predicting ICU demand to model COVID-19 recovery
  • Predicting overall activity and modelling the financial impact
  • Predicting emergency admissions
  • Predicting complex Length of stay and discharge bottlenecks
  • Predicting drug spend and pathways
  • Predicting diagnostic test demand
  • Predicting COVID-19 second wave and overall demand
  • Predicting the seasonal flu demand and impact
  • Predicting patient readmission challenges
  • Predicting waiting list trends and patterns
  • Predicting Mental Health pathways and service demand
  • Predicting demand for cancer recovery modelling
  • Predicting workforce resource demand and modelling

Currently, approximately only 5% of NHS hospitals have access to an in-house data scientist, with the DSP, there is no need, time to value is significant with a near-instant ROI.

Key Features of the DSP:

  • Simple deployment with industry standard architecture, pre-defined data dictionaries with the DSP available in the cloud and on-premise.
  • Instant initiation, which will provide each user with access to the full suite of features managed centrally in one platform.
  • Faster analytics, the DSP is designed to bridge the gap between health systems and the need for data science.
  • The DSP extracts, transforms and loads data into the platform providing new insights in one single tool.

Discussing the need for this new platform, Orlando Agrippa, CEO of Draper and Dash commented:

 “Every health system and provider know that there is a huge untapped value in the data they store and record. The issue is how to unlock this value and use the data, not only to evaluate the past but also, perhaps more importantly, to predict outcomes and forecast demand’’.

“Sadly, very few health systems have the skills and resources to build complex machine learning and predictive tools and the services that are currently available are expensive and lack health-specific experience.”

 Orlando comments: “This is why Draper & Dash has developed this new platform, to provide hospitals and healthcare organisations with an affordable, efficient, data scientist in a box. We genuinely believe it can revolutionise how our healthcare systems plan.”

Having used the new DPS from Draper & Dash, Lianne Mellor, Associate Director of Business Intelligence at Great Western Hospital added:

“With a new PowerBI analytics platform, we wanted to ensure that we supported strategic, clinical and operations teams with robust predictive insights as part of our service provision.

With an 80% + confidence around the data science models in the DSP this will really support us in being able to predict at scale without having four data scientist resource inhouse. Irrespective of any potential data scientist hires going forward or university partnerships for data scientists, what the DSP provides us with is the expertise of a large team of former NHS employees who all have run services and informatics teams, and therefore they know how things should be calculated and predicted.

 The potential this software offers our Trust and the patients we serve is immense and will enable the Informatics function to support the Trust in delivering its strategic objectives and provide outstanding care focused on improving patient outcomes and reducing inequalities across our system.”