D&D Healthcare Chief Executive Officer, Orlando Agrippa spoke to Health Tech Newspaper to give his views on the tech trends for 2019.

In the last year we have experienced a number of exciting changes in the health technology ecosystem. With the start-up community seeing an acceleration in the number of new entrants to the health tech space. We are seeing both healthcare specialist, general technology enthusiast and more importantly patients coming up with innovative solutions to address healthcare challenges.”

We have also seen a number of acquisitions in the healthcare space by large corporates who are determined to maintain an edge through the absorption and integration of new, innovative and nimble solutions. In 2018 the world’s largest single healthcare employer appointed, for the first time in its 70-year history, a health secretary who plans to disrupt healthcare with technology. Matt Hancock is a breath of fresh air to firms which have been trying to drive technology adoption into the NHS for years, that fresh breeze has permeated through the NHS’ corridors as CIOs, CCIOs and Directors of IT celebrate being recognised leaders and the catalyst for health care disruption.

So, what can we expect for 2019? well we can expect a whole lot of wildness. For one we will see many start-ups with unrealistic ideas being forced to pivot to better meet the true demands in healthcare or bow out. One can imagine that there will be a heating up of health tech Venture Capital funding for managers and clinicians leaving healthcare providers to disrupt it. However, my key tech take always are as follows:

  • Stronger Cloud Adoption: 2018 saw a higher adoption of Azure, 2019 will see a lot of usage and development
  • Data Science, Predictive, ML and AI: 2018 saw a lot of investment by private firms as a means of getting ready to sell AI driven solutions. I think in 2019 will see healthcare providers either adopt this from suppliers or build their own.
  • Health IOT: we will see a lot more CIOs wanting to learn about this and how they can leverage the technology, still early adoption.
  • Out of Hospital Technologies: this will be significant for 2019 from more patient centric devices to data driven insights for providers, as catering to out of hospital is poised to grow by 30% in 2019.

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