Draper & Dash Launches DSP-Powered Data Course to Upskill Health Professionals

How2Code – an initiative powered by Draper & Dash’s Data Science Platform (DSP), launched its first ever campaign to upskill healthcare professionals in data science. Through using the DSP, the How2Code initiative pledges to train frontline health staff with the skills needed to enhance their data science and predictive analytics abilities.

Tailored to organisations and individuals, How2Code teaches data fluency to healthcare professionals across the UK. As part of its commitment to increase data science proficiency across healthcare staff, the How2Code initiative will allow students to learn key skills at their own pace. The training modules introduce participants to basic, intermediate and advanced topics, while under the guidance of course speakers and mentors. Further, learners can look forward to being involved in Quests, Hackathons and Projects to build on their new data skills.

Given pending data reforms within the NHS, healthcare professionals will need to gain a better understanding of data frameworks that build the UK’s public health. How2Code aims to provide these insights, in tandem with access to real-time information and recommendations.

By the end of the course, How2Code learners will be able to streamline and optimise their day-to-day operations, in accordance to these reforms. Further, the course and DSP integration enables participants to build on non-coding essentials, predictive analytics and machine learning; capabilities that will support changes to public health infrastructure in the years to come.

Following the positive reception of its initial launch, Orlando Agrippa of Draper & Dash is confident that How2Code will enable healthcare learners to apply their new data skills extensively.

‘The road to healthcare recovery will be a marathon, not a sprint. In order to prepare our health systems for the long-haul, How2Code will optimise organisations for change by upskilling healthcare professionals. Our hope is that How2Code will give healthcare staff the confidence and skills to meet the demands of a post-pandemic world. The Draper & Dash team is proud to lead on an initiative that will not only uphold healthcare professionals, but also honour their ability to adapt in uncertain times’

The How2Code initiative emerges as public health systems across the UK prepare for post-pandemic recovery. In the light of upcoming data use reforms across the NHS, it is more important than ever for health institutions to prepare their staff for new digital imperatives.
In the past, adapting to rapid digital migration has been a sticking point among health institutions.

In order to mitigate the worst effects of pandemic disruption, healthcare staff will need to strengthen their data capabilities. Initiatives like How2Code will make data-driven transitions easier for health organisations and their employees. By teaching basic-modelling and key data management skills through the DSP, How2Code will prepare healthcare professionals for upcoming turbulence within the health sector.

With data science and machine learning becoming critical skills within public health, How2Code will equip that healthcare professions with much-needed insights and abilities. In completing the course, frontline workers, administration staff and medical practitioners in the UK will gain a strong understanding of the advanced data science proficiencies needed to innovate public health operations. Above all, How2Code learners will master the skills and knowledge to shape health organisations in today’s rapidly changing landscape.

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